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Kiwi Born livng in Te Aroha NZ, singer songwriter, musician bass / Accoustic and Electric guitars. Shane has recorded, produced and self released 5 original Albums.

Shane occasionally performs his own music and weekly plays in a covers band called Toejam with Andrew Hight and Chris Martin.


Welcome to my web site. Since age 11 in 1972 I have been writing and performing, I played full time for a number of years in NZ and Europe. I returned home to NZ in Dec 1997 and would never leave to live anywhere else. I love our outdoors and have written songs to support this.

So if you're still here maybe have a listen to a few of my songs on Spotify, Amazon, itunes and other music streaming sites.


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The rewards of writing/recording my own music

Heres a quick list of the biggest buzz I get from my own music

  • Driving into a petrol station in a new town in the mid 90's to hear my album playing in the forecourt speakers
  • Way back in 1986 a friends mum said she was in tears on listening to a track that sparked personal emotions on my first album, this was the first time I had realised this reaction. A very special moment.
  • An American woman came up to me after I performed 'Nuclear Free" in Holland and told me that no one else in the world cares about New Zealands stand on Nuclear energy but I know she is wrong. I am very proud to have writen and performed that song many many times.

My Swing on MP3 compressed Music

I struggle to understand that intelligent people (some being music lovers) have bought into MP3 compressed music. Firstly I love the platform and concept of music on line to listen to new music to later source. This has opened up the door for musicians like myself, BUT when you do find some music you like how can you be satisfied with the quality of most downloads. CD is encoded at 16-bit (the bit depth) that offeredabout 30% of the studio master quality but a 256KB MP3 file is only about 5% of the original musicians work, at least vinyl gave us maybe 60% and didn't suffer the 0 and 1 digital conversion. Even the simple fact that people now choose not to listen to Albums in the track order (the musician slaved over those decisions) takes away the flow of the album playlist, the highs and lows and emotions created by the album. Having 2000 92kb MP3 files on your Iphone is nothing but inferior copies of the original works which can be OK for background listening or viewing songs but lifeless and souless to actually get the musicians message. Hosting sites can offer much higher res downloads if they choose to, it is them now ripping off the writers. Neil Young is one of few fighting to bring us better quality streaming and downloading and Vinyl has also made a huge comeback. Linn and a few other sites are beginning to offer Hi Res streaming and downloads.

I read this quote in a book by "Dave Hunter" that sums it up pretty well:

"Seemingly daily our lives are depleted of depth and dimension as new developments in the name of convenience and speed disguise a steady decline in pure quality"

As LP records slowly regain a foothold into peoples collections maybe the MP3 will have its place as a way to explore new music to then obtain on the high quality LP. I for one never stopped with my Vinyl collection.


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Pictured here with my Brother October 2013



Pictured below with Gary Philips (and Peter Helwig on percussion) playing at Roasted Addiqtion in Auckland shortly after the 2009 World we Created Album release. And with Jean Smith.

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Local Te Aroha Newspaper item 2009

Taking On The World 

Little Brother and me playing in Aussie April 2011, And here at Banco with Jean

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At Banco Cafe TeAroha March 2013 with Greg Marshall, Magic and Chris on bass, The HAT Band


Playing with Toejam Band 2014 - now


Here on bass 2016 in a blues band festival gig