"BELIEVE" is a result of a 22 year dream come true. If I can pass on one bit of advice, never give up on a dream as one day it may just come true as mine has. I hope you get as much enjoyment out of BELIEVE that I did writing the songs and recording them with Shane.

Jean Smith...Singer, Song Writer, Mother & Wife.....

I came from a very musical family, my father and his brothers all played a musical instrument & had their own family band for all occasions. My mother died when I was 5 years old ,I was always told by everyone who knew her that she had the voice of an angel & was always to be heard singing.

To say I had a good upbringing would be wrong and sometimes it is hard not to reflect this in my music.

I started going to country music clubs from a very early age. I was fortunate enough to have a very special man by the name of George Scandlyn who became my adopted granddad. He drove me all around the country to every workshop and every competition.I even had the privilege of having a little training by Jack Riger.

When I was 12 years old a family member gifted me an Epiphone acoustic guitar which I still have, and play within the confines of home.
With great support from my family I started singing again about 4 years ago teaming up with my Friend Anthony Grey, we sung covers and did a few gigs around Te Aroha. We had a great time, one of the best I had ever experienced in my singing, one I'll never forget.

Out of the blue one day I was interviewed by Steve Braunias for the North and south magazine, from that interview I got the inspiration to share my voice. So to Steve and Photographer Jane Ussher thank you.

I had written a song for my daughter Nakita when she was born (1991) and I always wanted to record it. I approached Shane Taylor back in 2010 to see if he could help me reach my dream 3 years later I had gone from 1 song to a CD "believe" is there for everybody to enjoy. The song "Nakita" was my drive to complete this CD.


Jean and Shane



I get the inspiration for my songs from everyday life, my beautiful family friends, and from living under the beautiful mountain, Mount Te Aroha.

Another highlight was to get an article written about me in Steve Braunias book: Civilisation Twenty places on the edge of the world.



Me and my buddy, Meko


Thank you for looking at my web site if you would like to buy one of my CD's for $10.00 e-mail me at jeany_smith@xtra.co.nz
And I will forward you further details.

Shane and I get together to do gigs in cafes now and then.